5 pratiques de la Nouvelle Lune (Amavasya) pour libérer l’Ancien

Écrit par RASA AYURVEDA - octobre 15 2020


Benna Segal
octobre 19 2020

How wonderful to read these 5 practices. After having completed the level one and two courses with Tiffany, Women’s Ayarveda and Tantra. I refect on two intuitive changes I have experienced. One, my period is now in sync with the New Moon, I skipped my last period which felt so strange and then my peiod was very late and here it is showing up at New MOON, how wonderful it feels! Second I prepared Kitchari this week and have been eating it for 3 days. Reading this today just induced a whole lot of faith in my intuitive nature to care for myself and that Rythms of Nature are truly accessible. So much growth and Love for the work at RASA, THANK YOU and have a beautiful day, Benna

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