Une perspective ayurvédique sur le café

Écrit par Lisa Power - janvier 01 2019


janvier 13 2021

To Row – not quite, because you never get to use the fat, as you almost never end up running or fighting with anyone. But the nervous system thinks you will, so it stores more fat in the eventuality of this imagined ”attack”. I hope this explains. We store the fat, because we might need it – but we never use it, in reality. So we just gain kgs of fat.

mars 14 2020

any other drink like coffee and tea with decrease pitta but give energy like tea n coffee

Liz Selby
mars 14 2020

Fascinating information. Does drinking decaf coffee have the same affect?

mars 14 2020

Hi! Regarding the last comment about not losing weight; wouldn’t it be the opposite effect- as in, if fat were to be the primary source of fuel, that more fat would be burned off the body?

septembre 16 2019

Hi there
I wanted to find out if you guys carry anema kits? Does yoga recommend anema treatments? Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


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