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The Kansa wand is an ancient Ayurvedic tool known for its gift of stimulating lymphatic drainage, massaging away puffiness, invigorating the skin and stimulating marma (acupressure points) that balance and harmonize our mind, senses and the skin. The Kansa Wand helps to cleanse through the power of copper, revitalizing and plumping the skin, softening fine lines, de-puffing the eye area, relieving tension held in the jawline and cheekbones, and relaxing the neck, shoulders and anywhere we might be holding knots throughout the body. Because it aids in lymphatic drainage, it is known to assist in clearing up acne, reducing circles under the eyes, and brightening dull skin. Some refer to its treatment as a 'natural facelift'. Your wand can be used on the entirety of the body, bringing massage and release to areas like the shoulders, feet and lower back. 

Much like Abyhanga or an Ayurvedic Self Oil Massage, the Kansa Wand stimulates the circulatory system and pushes the lymph to the lymph nodes, encouraging a natural detoxification process and a release of ama (toxicity or waste). The nodes are where white blood cells destroy any bacteria picked up by the lymph as it circulates throughout the body. When a node gets clogged with bacteria, it causes inflammation. Both the increase in circulation and the stimulation of the lymphatic system encourage the brightness of our skin, but also promote deep regulatory healing and balancing of the entire system. Here's to Radiance from the Inside Out!

At RASA Ayurveda we offer this double-sided wand made with eco-considerate rosewood and handcrafted by our artisans in India.

Use our 3-Step Facial Kit, and after applying your facial elixir or abhyanga oil, begin to massage with your Kansa Wand:

When using on thee face - move upward and outward:

  • Roll from nose to your temples.

  • Roll from your mouth to under your ears.

  • Roll between your brows, up and out to your hairline.

Note: Due to the response of detoxification and the acidity that may be held in some of our skin, you might witness a slight greying colour to the skin after using your Kansa Wand. This is a cleansing action, which happens only to some individuals and can be simply wiped away afterwards.


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