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The Perfect Blend To Promote Healthy Digestion

* Gentle stoking of the ‘Agni’ - digestive fire
* Cleansing of ‘Ama’ - stored toxicity
* Wonderful for post-meal digestion
* A mild urinary tract tonic

A Blend of 3 infamous digestive spices - cumin, coriander + fennel - this classical tea is a go-to for balancing digestion and releasing built up toxins from the digestive tract!

It is gentle enough for daily sipping, and you can drink CCF Tea throughout yours day, or to encourage balanced digestion and absorption it can be a wonderful post-meal digestive tonic.

CCF Tea also can be a gift when paired with an Ayurvedic cleanse as it offers support in detoxification process.

Boil 2 teaspoons with 2 cups of water or place 1 teaspoon in a mug, let steep for 10+ minutes, strain, sip slowly and enjoy!

You can drink this as a warm tea or as sun-infused water throughout your day!

Ingredients: Cumin*, Coriander*, Fennel*


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