Popeye Protein Potion


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SuperHerb Formula enhanced with Plant Protein + Adaptogens to keep you energized and enlivened.

Wouldn’t you like to be Popeye, but just a tad more hip and without the pipe? This potion is a potent formula, specially developed as a Protein Boost, to help increase your stamina and vigor, to sustain your energy throughout the day and to generally increase your pep! Take this to live boldly, play unabashedly and be a fantastic human being. Bringing together a powerhouse combination of ancient SuperHerbs + Plant Protein including Hemp, Blue Spirulina, Pine Pollen & Astragalus, this potion is a great way to enhance your vitality and keep you awesome.

Mix me into your smoothies, milks, water, juices, coconut oil or nut butter. Take up to 2 tbsp daily.

Ingredients: Hemp Protein Powder*, Spirulina*, Roasted Ramon Nut Powder, SuperMushroom Blend (Chaga*, Reishi*, Cordyceps*, Coriolus*, Lion's Mane*, Maitake*), Suma Root**, Gynostemma*, Astragalus*, Mesquite*, Phycocyanin Spirulina, Pine Pollen**

Caution: In the case of medical conditions, pregnancy or nursing, consult a qualified healthcare practitioner.

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