3-Step Facial Kit

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The '3-Step Facial Kit' is a foundational Ayurvedic Skincare line designed for your unique skin type. Based upon the ancient wisdom of our Ayurvedic Grandmothers, this kit is made to purify and nourish your face, and will change the look and feel of your skin drastically for years to come. Formulated with only the purest flowers, clays, herbs, hydrosols and oils, your skincare ritual will become an aromatherapy joy!

This is plant medicine for your face!

Choose based upon your skin's constitutional needs:

Vata - Dry, Mature or Aging
Pitta - Sensitive, Inflamed or Acneic
Kapha - Dull, Oily or Clogged
Tridosha - Combination Skin


And, by purchasing our kits, you save!

Kit Includes:

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