The Kind Cleanse


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The Kind Cleanse - Rasa Ayurveda Apothecary
The Kind Cleanse - Rasa Ayurveda Apothecary

Don't you want to be kind to yourself? We all do.

In a world of never-ending accumulation and over-indulgence, we can all use regular cleansing. But, some detoxes actually throw the body and mind into a state of deprivation and wasting, and create more harm than good. Not the Kind's all about Kindness.

Rather than self-whipping and denial, this traditional Ayurvedic Cleanse is a monodiet that offers an opportunity to rid the body and mind of ama (waste) while not throwing the entire system into chaos. Hence the KINDNESS.

Lisa offers the cleanses by delivery, in-home, to groups and even offers private guidance online. She is the goddess of Kind, having worked with this cleanse herself to assist in her own process of relief from debilitating health challenges.

After a lifetime of sensory-overload and compromising food choices, the recipient of a KIND Cleanse will have the chance to…


The cleanse consists of diet, lifestyle and purification recommendations, and Lisa will be preparing the cleansing meal for you, called Kitchari, which is a mung bean, rice and vegetable dish revered for thousands of years for its detoxifying, balancing and healing properties. It cleanses the system of ama (built-up toxins) and allows the body to focus its energy away from digestion and onto healing and repairing.

This cleanse is always cooked with love, prayer & sacred mantra and the recipe is modified specifically to serve the individual according to their current Doshic imbalances. It includes 3 pre-packaged meals/day, free delivery in Peterborough, ON (delivery outside the Peterborough area will incur a fee) and unlimited support from Lisa during the cleanse period.


3 DAYS ~ $159
5 DAYS ~ $249
10 DAYS ~ $399
*Delivery charges may be additional. For a quote, please email
The Kind Cleanse - Rasa Ayurveda Apothecary
The Kind Cleanse - Rasa Ayurveda Apothecary

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