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Abhyanga (Warm Oil Massage) – 60 minutes - $100

Ayurvedic oil massage “Abhyanga” strongly enhances neurotransmitter production, strongly reduces stress hormones, and beautifully enhances both feeling loved and loving behaviour. This is a full body rejuvenating massage. The practitioner will use soothing, long strokes which engulf the entire body as the healing scents of aromatherapy and the luxurious warm oil nourish your skin and balance your Prana (energy). As the oils soak into the seven tissue layers of your body, they will help to loosen and facilitate the removal of accumulated ‘Doshas’ (vata, pitta, and kapha) and ama (toxins) from the body. You will leave feeling completely relaxed, nourished and rejuvenated.


Shirodhara – 60 minutes – $100

In Sanskrit, ‘shiro’ means head and ‘dhara’ means flow. Shirodhara involves the practitioner pouring a stream of warm, medicated oil over the forehead. It is this steady, rhythmic pouring of oil that induces a deeply relaxing and blissful state during which the mind can release stress, trauma and fatigue. Shirodhara is also meant to regulate our endocrine glands and hormones and establishes a state of deep inner tranquility in mind and body.


Marma Therapy – 60 minutes – $100

In Ayurveda,  ‘Marma’ refer to the 107 subtle points that are mapped throughout the body that relate to the flow of prana and the functioning of the systems. This is an acupressure massage during which specific points that are relevant to your needs will be stimulated through touch and vibration to reinstate harmony. Knowledge of Marma allows the practitioner to influence the flow of prana through both the gross and subtle bodies for the purposes of relieving pain and restoring health and peace of mind. 


Shiroabhyanga (Ayurvedic Head Massage)  – 40 minutes - $60

A soothing massage of the head, neck & shoulder using warm medicated herbal oils. Shiroabhyanga nourishes the hair, relaxes the mind and releases tension in the head, neck and upper back area. In addition, it has an overall effect on the whole body as it directly effects the central nervous system, bringing relief from many stress related conditions such as headaches, hypertension and fatigue. A selection of marma points are activated to direct the flow of energy and purify the area thus enabling the release of pain and tension.


Karna Purana - 30 minutes - $50. 

Karna purana is the process in which warm, medicated oil is gently and slowly poured into the ears (karna). This lubricates the delicate filaments of the ear canal and is great for calming ‘Vata’ after travel, relieving headaches, sharpening hearing, calming the mind and removing impurities. The treatment begins with an ear and head massage or can be added on to other massages. The ear is gently filled with warm medicated oil and then drained out while specific marma points are balanced, to leave you feeling grounded, calm and at peace.


External Therapeutic Basti - 40 minutes - $60. 

In this Ayurvedic treatment, a dam made of chickpea flour is placed on specific areas of the body and specialized warm oil is gently poured onto the area. Wherever the oils are retained, the muscles, skin and nerves in the region will become nourished, relaxed and rejuvenated. Aromatherapy is used to enhance the healing and relaxation.
This procedure involves the retention of warm thick medicated oil over a chosen area of the body to therapeutically strengthen and purify that specific area:
-       ‘Hrid’ (heart) basti to sooth and strengthen the cardiac muscles, rejuvenate the heart, improve breathing and release stored grief, stress and anger.
-       ‘Kati’ (lower back) or other parts of the spine, which can alleviate numbness due to sciatic nerve compression as well as other types of low back pain.
-       ‘Greeva’ (neck) basti to relieve tension and conditions of the neck
-       ‘Netra’ (eye) basti to relieve tension and conditions of the eyes

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